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Ports of Call (POC) is a trade- and shippingsimulation game with quite a history, the first version has been released in 1986 (learn more about the history of POC). Here is an overview over the different versions:

  • POC Classic: the original Amiga game ported to Windows
  • POC iPhone: the original Amiga game ported to iPhone and iPod touch
  • POC XXL: the sequel of the POC Classic with more features
  • POC 3D: 3D ship simulator, can replace the 2D simlator of POC XXL (Platinum license required)
  • POC 3D II: the sequel of POC 3D, also interacts with POC XXL

These versions are available for purchase packed into different editions. See purchase options below for more details.


Purchase Options




POC Classic
  • 4.5 mio at start
POC Classic
  • 7 mio at start
POC Classic
  • 10 mio at start
  • 2d Sim
  • 2d Sim
  • POC Sim3d integration
  • hall-of-fame
POC Sim3d
  • arcade-mode
POC Sim3d + Sim3dII
  • arcade-mode
  • simulation-mode
  • add-on ships
  • hall-of-fame
  • online highscore
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